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TRAPPER Virtual Machine (Ubuntu Server 16.04 LTS 64bit)

Dear All,

We are pleased to announce that the pre-configured TRAPPER Virtual Machine (Ubuntu Server based) is available for download at:

We believe that it will simplify the TRAPPER deployment on your servers.


VM (Ubuntu) login: trapper (or web)
VM (Ubuntu) pass: trapper

TRAPPER login:
TRAPPER pass: zzzz12

See for more information about the OVF/OVA formats. To run the Virtual Machine you can use e.g. (available for Linux, OS X, Solaris and Windows). Probably, you will have to configure your network:

After login to the VM (as “web” user) you may want to update the source code of TRAPPER:

 cd /home/web/trapper
source ./env/bin/activate
git pull
./ collectstatic
sudo service supervisor restart



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